Rhythm Connects

What can we do for you?

Rhythm Connects specialises in community and team building
and can be booked with ease. 

We offer the following:

  • Workshops in drumming, dancing and percussion for schools, parties, corporate events and community groups. All instruments are provided.
  • Performances for your event or celebration
  • Fun storytelling and musical interaction for nurseries and special needs groups
  • African drumming tuition for individuals and groups of learners
  • Education around West African instruments and their significance in the rich culture and traditions of West Africa
  • Ceilidh collaborations for the unique Afro-ceilidh experience

Rhythm Connects is led by Stuart Dinwoodie.  We can work anywhere in Scotland/Northern England, and are based in Edinburgh.  Please take a look at our pages for ideas of how we can work with you.

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Rhythm connects:

People to people

Drumming is ancient and worldwide.  Drumming allows everyone a part.  These parts make up one whole.  No matter how simple or small the part may seem, it is a crucial part of the whole multi-layered rhythm.  People making something creative together binds them.

People to community

It is invigorating and healing to be part of a community, with people around you.  People who feel included and integral to something bigger are healthy and whole.  Drumming makes this possible as people join in the spirit of celebration and ritual.  Drumming takes concentration and the ability to let go of anything which is not happening in the moment, thereby releasing worries and tensions of daily life www.mind-body.org/rmm.html

Us to our past

From conception, we are aware of rhythm through the heartbeat of our mothers.  This becomes the foundation for our lives and through rhythm we are always ‘at home’; remembering our time in the womb.  Every culture has its folk music, its rhythms and its drums.  Children born into these traditions are connected viscerally to that music and, ultimately to the ancestors who played it before them.

Us to ourselves and our souls

Humans are compelled to hit drums.  There is little finesse, blowing, plucking, adjustment of reeds etc.  Drumming is primal, and connects us to our deeper, less ‘cerebral’ selves.   They can be played by anyone.  Babies drum.   

Drums give an immediate response.  This enables people to express themselves in any given moment; any emotion can be conveyed through rhythm.   When drumming, we are present – completely.

Us to the earth

Drums are earth instruments.  They are from trees and animals, and their sound is made by the basic, instinctive movements of humans.. When we beat the drum, we beat it down into the earth, marking our roots into the planet, as many have done before us. 

Us to health

Many studies have shown that people drumming together in groups has many positive effect: decreases fatigue; increases productivity; decreases stress; increases vigor; reduces employee turnover; improves mood and generally increases happy hormones for everyone.  www.remo.com/portal/pages/hr/research/index.html