African Drumming

African Drumming

In the twenty years I have been drumming and dancing, I have been priviledged to work with many great drummers and dancers from Africa and the United States.  I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned and helping others to expand their knowledge, skills and enjoyment.  My workshops focus strongly on traditional djembe and dun-dun rhythms form Guinea and Mali, combining these melodies with shakers and bells. 

My passion springs from my training and foundations in West African drumming traditions.

I can come and share this passion and these skills with you and your group.

  • learning techniques for getting the most from your drum
  • learning melodies and rhythms on the drums
  • layering these rhythms together
  • adding traditional songs and dances
  • learning both to drum for and be led by dancers

Drum repair

Drums expertly reskinned

The cost for this service is £80 and will include the goat skin.  You will feel as though you have invested in a new drum as your djembe will sing for you.  Contact me to book your repair slot.