Drum Circles

Drum circles, groups and workshops

I have been teaching community groups and universities for over twenty years.

Most community groups go for eight week terms with opportunities to perform throughout the year as well as playing for dance classes.

For existing community groups outside of Edinburgh , I offer one or two full-day weekend workshops, drumming up to six hours a day for a proper injection of material to work on until the next visit. As always, I wish to stay as true as possible to what my teachers have taught me and how they taught me.
Much of the focus is on working on technique, getting a good sound out of the drum, playing with power and finess, learning to hear how all parts fit together, learning how to give signals, starting and stopping the music and learning solo techniques. I also wish to share what I know  about the cultural background of these rhythms and dances. I firmly believe that while we are learning the traditional music and dance of another culture , we must respect it enough to understand how, when, and for what purpose the music is played 
My Drumming for Dancers workshops are ideal for drummers who have a few years under thier belts who have been playing accompaniment in drum groups and dance classes but have not had the chance to learn how to play for dancers. The class focuses strongly on understanding how the dance is married to the rhythm; one has to be able to hear the music and watch the dancers at the same time, knowing when to be the leader of the dancers, and when to be a follower, giving signals and marking the choreography, but also being able to follow when a dancer is soloing. This is the kind of playing I enjoy the most, where the true reason for the drumming is fully expressed and celebrated.

I have led many a drum circle (where I bring drums and facilitate ad hoc mini workshops) from festivals to community groups (e.g. Girl Guides and Scouts), to birthday parties.

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