Proven workshops/ideas for your school groups, nurseries and further education establishments include:

  • Workshops in West African Drumming and polyrhythmic playfulness
  • Workshops in West African dance (with live drumming)
  •  Educational performances with and talks about a variety of West African percussion and stringed instruments, and their traditional uses
  • Musical storytelling events for younger children
  • Sound adventures for special needs groups


We provide fun, dynamic and informative workshops in drumming and dancing, consisting of rhythm games, silliness, body percussion, call and response songs, drum technique and specific rhythms and melodies on the djembe.  All of this delivered in a fun, inclusive environment.

Classes start off with getting the blood moving and raising their energy using call and response, body percussion and voice. They learn the rhythms before they even touch the drums by singing phrases that have the same rhythms that they will be playing. Then, we sit at the drums and have a quick run through on techniques, to learn how to hit the drum so not to hurt oneself and get the best sounds.

From there, kids learn different rhythm patterns and melodies, slowly putting together a complete piece of work with different parts layered together.

We can work on a piece which can then be performed for others.

Classes are energetic and educational, the kids work on skills such as listening and working together as a group, they are also encouraged to solo and express themselves.

One-off classes are high energy and exciting, while classes that are part of an ongoing course have time to slow down a bit and really concentrate on developing technique and more complex rhythms and breaks. They also allow more time to develop the skills involved with working with others as a group, thereby building confidence to explore self expression on the drum in the form of solos.


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Links to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes
I recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs. I contribute to making my school community one which values individuals equally and is a welcoming place for all.
HWB 0-10a / HWB 1-10a / HWB 2-10a / HWB 3-10a / HWB 4-10a

Representing my class, school and/or wider community encourages my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and participate in society.
HWB 0-12a / HWB 1-12a / HWB 2-12a / HWB 3-12a / HWB 4-12a

I value the opportunities I am given to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations.
HWB 0-14a / HWB 1-14a / HWB 2-14a / HWB 3-14a / HWB 4-14a

I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.
HWB 0-15a / HWB 1-15a / HWB 2-15a / HWB 3-15a / HWB 4-15a

Opportunities to carry out different activities and roles in a variety of settings have enabled me to identify my achievements, skills and areas for development. This will help me to prepare for the next stage in my life and learning.
HWB 2-19a

As I encounter new challenges and contexts for learning, I am encouraged and supported to demonstrate my ability to select, adapt and apply movement skills and strategies, creatively, accurately and with control.
HWB 2-21a / HWB 3-21a

I practise, consolidate and refine my skills to improve my performance. I am developing and sustaining my levels of fitness.
HWB 2-22a / HWB 3-22a

I am developing the skills to lead and recognise strengths of group members, including myself. I contribute to groups and teams through my knowledge of individual strengths, group tactics, and strategies.
HWB 3-23a
I am developing the skills to lead and recognise strengths of group members, including myself. I contribute to groups and teams through my knowledge of individual strengths, group tactics, and strategies.
HWB 3-23a

I am experiencing enjoyment and achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities of my choosing, including sport and opportunities for outdoor learning, available at my place of learning and in the wider community.
HWB 2-25a / HWB 3-25a

Expressive arts experiences and outcomes
I have experienced the energy and excitement of presenting/performing for audiences and being part of an audience for other people’s presentations/performances.
EXA 0-01a / EXA 1-01a / EXA 2-01a

I have created and taken part in dance from a range of styles and cultures.
EXA 3-08a

I can sing and/or play music from a range of styles and cultures and perform my chosen music confidently using performance directions, musical notation and/or playing by ear.
EXA 3-16a