Are you planning a special event?  Here are some ideas (from past events) to inspire you:

  • Corporate team building/cohesion days.  For EDF, we ran a diversity event where we made masks in teams, brought the teams (unmasked) together to drum as a large team, catered the event with a three course sit-down meal then the waiters performed (unexpectedly) for them, with delegates being invited to join in and drum/dance with their masks on.  This event highlighted that our positions played in an organisation are like masks and that every person, whatever position they play, has a back-story which we cannot see.  We, together, make our business rich and colourful in experience. 
  • Weddings/parties.  Drumming waiters; catered events whereby we 'hide' behind the role of a waiter, then begin an interactive performance or workshop unexpectedly
  • Schools - please visit educationfor ideas
  • Whole-day events inc other artists/musicians wherby your participants rotate through the fun and learning in teams 
  • High energy performance by Waa Sylla - group of 5-10 musicians and dancers
  • Drum workshops
  • Dance workshops

For all of the above, we provide drums and expert facilitators.  All you need to provide is the space and chairs!